How much does a new website cost?

Following your free consultation, we’ll give you a formal, written quote. You’ll have, in black and white, a detailed breakdown of costs to build your new website or upgrade your current website. All costs involved in building the website are one-off and are clearly declared in the quote. There are no hidden costs or undisclosed ongoing fees. Costs will vary according to the number of pages, the amount of content and functions required. A basic information website will cost less than a large e-commerce website with many products, shopping cart and payment gateway.

Are there ongoing costs?

The cost of building your website is a one-off cost and is clearly stated in the quote. Usually the only ongoing or recurrent costs are small amounts for web hosting and domain name registration. Sometimes if your website includes specific features such as a shopping cart or needs special proprietary software, there may be recurrent fees for those.

There are cheap and even free websites around; why should I pay for your website design services?

The saying, “you get what you pay for” holds true. Cheap websites usually require time and input from you. You are offered a “shell” into which you ‘pour’ content. The onus for uploading all material is on you. This can be time consuming and complex. There is more to creating a highly functional website than clicking and dragging a few images. Knowing where to place call-outs, Calls to Action (CTA) and adjusting site contrast for maximum engagement takes knowledge and experience. Creating and configuring Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts and infusing a website with key word rich content can be challenging and takes time. You may choose to focus on what you know and do best – running your business. We know websites – we build the right website tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Does the structure of my website affect its ranking?

Not all websites are regarded the same by search engines (eg Google). The structure of a website is extremely important. It is essential to consider Google’s requirements when designing and building your website. To achieve the best possible search engine results your website should conform to the highest industry standards. If you want to be found easily by potential customers a cheap or self-made website may not be the wisest choice.

A family member built our website but it’s not working properly. Can you fix it?

Yes. We are sometimes asked to help out during or after a home-made website build to rectify problems or errors. What may have originally seemed like a cheap alternative can become an expensive learning experience. Apart from the time the client may have already put into building their own website or getting a cheap one built, when they find it is not doing what they need it to do they have to spend more on retrofitting or rebuilding the ‘cheap’ website than if they had come to us to have it done professionally from the start. In the meantime, it has cost them in lost business because the cheap website failed to perform, while competitors with strong, well-constructed websites have gained a commercial advantage.

Wouldn’t one of those free websites do?

Some free websites are built on proprietary software where the website and even your content becomes the property the website company. Should you need to move the website or make significant changes it can be difficult or even impossible and may mean having to go back and start from scratch resulting in more expense and headaches.
‘Free’ websites often lack the most basic functions and may require expenditure on software purchases to achieve basic functions. Our service includes everything that’s needed to give your web presence a great start; everything is included in the quoted price.

Can’t anyone build a website these days?

There are websites and websites. If you want a strong, effective, easy to manage website for your business or organisation it’s best to have an experienced professional build your website and get it right from the start.

Can I make changes to my website?

Yes. We encourage our clients to make their own changes. All our new websites come with a simple, user friendly Content Management System (CMS). Updating text or adding or changing photos is very easy.
One-on-one training in the use of CMS is included in the quote to build your website. One of our plain-talking tech people will take you through the steps of how this is done.
If you get stuck using the CMS you are welcome to call our friendly support staff (we are in Australia, we speak English and we know your website).
Should more substantial changes be needed or if you don’t wish to make your own changes contact us and we’ll be pleased to help.

How long does it take to make a website?

Your website can be finished in a matter of days in most cases. If the material to go on the website (text, images etc) is ready we can complete it quickly. We may be able to assist you with copy (text) and stock images (pictures) to reduce production time. Before the website is made ‘live’ we show it to you so you can check it over to ensure we’ve characterised your business or organisation the way you want.

I already have web hosting and a domain name, can I still use these?

Good web hosting is critical to the functioning of your website. If you already have hosting we check the quality of your current hosting. If it’s not up to par, we may recommend its transfer to a proven host. If transfer of hosting is recommended the cost of transferring hosting is included in the written quote you receive.
Most existing domain names can be used for a new or upgraded website. If you don’t have a domain name we can assist you to choose and acquire the domain name best suited to your business or organisation.

Can my website have a shopping cart?

Yes. During the free consultation we will ascertain which e-commerce solution is best for you. All costs involved in setting up your e-commerce facility are included in the written quote you receive. We recommend the industry standard WooCommerce e-commerce platform shopping cart in conjunction with Australia Post’s Delivery calculation facility and Paypal or E-way payment gateways. All our new websites come standard with a pre-installed SSL certificate giving your online customers greater confidence and security.

I am not very good with words. How will I write the text for my website?

We can assist you with basic copy (text) to expedite your website’s completion. If you need more than that, we also offer a full copywriting service. Our professional writers are skilled at authoring text in good, flowing, plain English working relevant keywords into the script. They look at all your website’s text content, adjust and rewrite text, focusing on the pages that need it the most and/or your core services or those you wish to promote. They review and assess if a certain page requires text changes. Copywriting is completed from material on your current website (if applicable), additional information supplied and in consultation with you.
Executed correctly, this is essentially a one-off exercise. Once your website’s pages have been worked over by our copywriters there should be little need for further review.

I don’t have a logo. Can you help me with that?

Yes. Our graphic artists are experienced, confident and capable of producing the material needed to market your business effectively. From simple logos through to comprehensive branding solutions which can be used across all media.

Are all NRWeb websites built in Australia?

Yes. We do not outsource your website to third parties overseas.

If I am not in the Northern Rivers region can you still build my website?

Yes. We can help with a new website or upgraded website wherever you are located. To build or upgrade your website we would have a discussion then we prepare a written quote for your consideration. A face to face meeting to discuss requirements and options is often productive but is not essential.

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