Welcome to Northern Rivers Web

Thank you for choosing Northern Rivers Web for your online presence development needs. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers and endeavor to do so with all reasonable care within the scope of our capabilities.

Receipt of your deposit by Northern Rivers Web indicates that you have accepted our estimate and our Terms & Conditions of Service Provision as outlined in our Website Design & Development Agreement.

The agreement is available to you here and can be accessed at any time or by accessing this link:

NRWeb _Website_Development_Agreement_Updated_Nov_2019

While we update if from time to time, we will endeavor to notify you by email of any substantial updates within 30 working days of those updates occurring.

Agreement Summary

For your convenience, a plain language summary of the key points contained within the agreement is listed below.

  1. For the purpose of the Agreement, Northern Rivers Web shall be referred to as NRW.
  2. For the purpose of this summary, the Website Design & Development Agreement shall be referred to as “The Agreement”.
  3. By paying a deposit to NRW you are indicating your acceptance of The Agreement.
  4. The Agreement outlines that, while all reasonable care will be taken in all aspects necessary to provide our service (including handling of your information), no responsibility is accepted by NRW for any loss or damages that may occur as a result of any failings whatsoever in the delivery of our service.
  5. The Agreement also outlines the terms under which we shall receive any material from you needed to provide you with our service. For example, it states that we shall not be held responsible for any breaches of copyright or intellectual property law that may stem from any material you have provided.
  6. The Agreement outlines the terms under which you may be entitled to receive compensation, if our service or the components required to deliver it, fail to meet your reasonable expectations or lead to any form of loss or damage as a result. In such cases and on application and provision of reasonable justification including evidence, you may at NRWeb’s discretion, be entitled to a maximum compensation of no more than the total paid amount for enlisting our services.
  7. The Agreement clarifies our Basic SEO offer in comparison to additional SEO services not estimated for and emphasizes that first place ranking on Google (or any search engines) for the key phrases relevant to your business is not in any way guaranteed.
  8. The Agreement defines avenues and protocols for dispute resolution in the unlikely event that a dispute should arise.


An additional consideration, not listed in current The Agreement involves ongoing website maintenance which is currently provided by NRWeb as a courtesy to our customers. Because of the increasing demand on resources that website maintenance carries, it is likely that in the near future (as of November 2019), you will be offered this service for an additional monthly or yearly fee. If you do not wish to accept this offer, NRW will discontinue site maintenance and provide you with reasonable advice and access needed to maintain the site yourself.