What is a CTA Anyway?

CTA in the world wide web stands for Call to Action and these are critically important components of an effective website. There are a lot of opinions around about how to use CTA’s from what colours to use, where to place them through to how to phrase them for ‘maximum conversions’. Ultimately though, CTA’s are just convenient ways for your audience to make contact with you either by purchasing your products or just by giving you an old fashioned phone call.

At Northern Rivers Web, we’ve learned through years of experience that strong CTA’s start with your purest intention. What action are you essentially asking your audience to take? Once you’ve identified this, all other invitations to act can be logically structured to either lead your audience to the prime action you’ve identified, or to hold their attention for long enough to increase the likelihood that they will.

But there are some basics around CTA’s that should never be ignored. This excellent infographic and article by www.trueconversion.com covers the basics very well.

5 Call To Action Tips to Increase Your Conversions (Infographic)

We all know for a fact that visitors who don’t click don’t convert. When it comes to conversion rate optimization, your call to action buttons can prove to be the ultimate game changer.

Web visitors can’t get through a checkout process or signup form without clicking at least one button. And that one button — like all of your buttons — can be improved on. Even minor tweaks to button design and copy can make a significant impact on your conversion rate.

Calls to action (CTA) may appear remedial and obvious, but they remain some of the most effective and potentially powerful tools for boosting the conversion rate of any website. So we need to optimize CTAs and pay attention to minor details especially when conversions depend on them.

In the following Infographic I have share 5 tips to make sure your Call to action doesn’t kill your website. So let’s see how to optimize your call to action buttons (CTAs) and boost conversions of your site.

SOURCE & FULL ARTICLE: https://www.truconversion.com/blog/conversion-rate-optimization/5-call-action-tips-increase-conversions/

call to action infographic